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From Trevor Porter <tre...@woz.com>
Subject Cactus ant integration and cactus.contextURL
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2003 00:45:37 GMT
Hi all,

I just discovered a limitation with Cactus when trying to use the cactus 
ant task while overriding the default contextURL using one of the 
prescribed methods. It appears that the ant task ignores any such 
attempt to alter cactus.contextURL unless I set the cactus.contextURL 
system property in my test class (which I'd rather not do). A quick 
glance at the CactusTask.java source file and I can see why -- the 
servername is always set to 'localhost', the port is set to 8080 unless 
otherwise specified in the port attribute under containerset elements, 
and the context name is set based on the name of the test war file. This 
makes sense given that the cactus task starts/stops the servlet 
container locally, but what if a cactus test case needs to perform a 
test that examines the value of request.getServerName()? An easy 
workaround is to define a system property under the cactus task 
containing the value of cactus.contextURL and then setting 
cactus.contextURL from begin() in the test class. It's not so bad, but 
I'm wondering if I missed anything or if someone has a better alternative.


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