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From Mark Lybarger <Mark.Lybar...@CBC-Companies.com>
Subject EJB testing
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 13:26:42 GMT
I'm getting pretty close to testing my ejb's using cactus/ant.  my problem
is that the test case setup method is throwing an error.  

i'm creating a stripped down war file via the following ant task:
	<cactifywar version="2.3"
	   <classes dir="${basedir.build.isac.web-inf.classes}"
to my understanding, this creates a war which is deployed in my wl6.1 server
area, and includes all my class file for my project.  my ejb is already
deployed into the app server.  my setUp() code is below.  using eclipse, i
can set a breakpoint to the ctx instanciation, and step to the next line
where it's trying to get the remote interface.  that's where the testing
stops.  is there something special that i need to do to my ejb for testing
using cactus? 

	public void setUp() throws Exception
		Context ctx = new InitialContext();
		EventSubmitHome home = (EventSubmitHome)
		this.eventSubmit = home.create();

Thanks for any suggestions/ideas!

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