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From "Andrew van der Voort" <and...@astarte.co.nz>
Subject Testing and memory consumption
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 05:21:49 GMT

A wee while ago we asked about a problem we were having when testing our
application with cactus. The memory on the server just keeps going up and
up and up until the tests are complete. More tests, more memory
consumption. No-one was able to provide any information on this, but I have
a further piece of information that might help trigger something for one of
you experts out there.

Ours is a struts application. We are using strutstestcase as our front end
to the tests. 

I am just upgrading our application to struts 1.1. I discovered that one of
the things I needed to do was write a plugin. I performed some logging in
this plugin so that on application server startup it was abundantly clear
that this was a testing deployment.

I have noticed that when running our tests the plugin is being initialised
on every test.

Plugins are supposed to be run once during struts initialisation and that
is it. So somewhere in the sequence of events involving strutstestcase
and/or cactus, struts must be being initialised for every test. This would
probably explain the memory consumption. The $64,000 question is why is
this happening, and it is with this that I am hoping one of you out there
can help me.

Anyone got any ideas?



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