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From jacques <inspired_ora...@yahoo.com>
Subject question wrt session creation when running cactus from ant
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2003 14:05:44 GMT
Hi there

I am having problems with the amount of http sessions
that are created when cactus is invoked from ant. It
looks like for each test run ant (using the <cactus>
task) call the web server once, to check that it's
running. Something like :


Then, for each test method, 2 seperate http calls are
made. One to request the servlet redirector to execute
the test, and one to request the result. Something
like : 


These 2 calls (and thus request objects) cause 2 http
sessions to be created on the application server. Of
the 2, I have access to one (the one that makes the
test call) and can invalidate it in the tearDown. That
leaves me with 1 redundant session (the one associated
with the result request). One session on the app
server for each test method run. I have 276 test
methods that I need to run, and only a 20 session
developer license. My problem (and therefore my
question) is quite obvious : How can I get access to
the request that's made in the second call, so that I
can call getSession(false).invalidate() on it ?


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