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From jacques <inspired_ora...@yahoo.com>
Subject problem with too many open sessions - another question
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2003 14:21:59 GMT
Hi there

I sent a cry for help earlier today (entitled :
"problem with too many sessions"). 

I have done some digging, and have stumbled upon
something that might shed some light on my problem
(although I still need some help from somebody). 

When running one of the unit tests that come with the
cactus distribution (in samples/servlet) one of the
tests in "TestHttpSession" fails. It comprises the
following :


     * Verify that Cactus can provide us with a real
HTTP session cookie.
     * @param theRequest the request object that
serves to initialize the
     *                   HTTP connection to the server
    public void beginCreateSessionCookie(WebRequest
        HttpSessionCookie sessionCookie =
        assertNotNull("Session cookie should not be
null", sessionCookie);

     * Verify that Cactus can provide us with a real
HTTP session cookie.
    public void testCreateSessionCookie()
        assertTrue("A session should have been created
prior to "
            + "this request", !session.isNew());

This means that a new session is created when the
framework calls testXXX, whereas it should use the
same session it supposedly created in beginXXX. Could
this be a setting on my server ? I am using Atg
Dynamo, and had to deploy the war file in a J2EE
container inside the server VM.

Any help appreciated

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