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From "Vincent Massol" <vmas...@pivolis.com>
Subject RE: RE : Maven plugin : "isolated" goals ?
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 08:58:38 GMT
Hi Sebastien,

I think it all boils down to the Maven philosophy. The goal of the Maven
plugin for Cactus is to offer a plugin that does it all without the user
having to figure out the nitty-gritty details. You just run "maven
cactus" and it does it all.

And that's the main idea of Maven plugins: the ability to execute right
away typical tasks (with some customization abilities). If you wish to
get fine-grained control of your build, you'll need to create your own
build script in your maven.xml (or in your own plugin). It then becomes
the same as Ant.

That said, I'm quite happy with providing more flexibility in the Maven
plugin for Cactus. My only restraint is that it must not become more
complex to use for 99% of the typical users.

If you wish to perform the deployment of your webapp yourself, you can
certainly do it using your own custom maven.xml (or plugin). Then
calling the Cactus test is just a matter or using the <cactus> ant task
with the <generic> nested element.

Now, I'm very interested in your participation to improve the Maven
plugin for Cactus! If you have implemented some of your ideas, make sure
you send a patch to the list and I'll apply it :-)

Thanks for your help

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> From: BRUNOT S├ębastien [mailto:Sebastien.BRUNOT@cegetel.fr]
> Sent: 07 August 2003 10:05
> To: 'Cactus Users List'
> Subject: RE : Maven plugin : "isolated" goals ?
> Hi Vincent, and thank you for your answer !
> > A) Cactify an existing war using an isolated goal (a goal that
> > depend on the execution of another goal) ;
> >hmm... Have you read the Cactus plugin documentation? ;-) For
> have
> you checked >>>
> >http://maven.apache.org/reference/plugins/cactus/goals.html?
> I have, and it seems to me that the goal is'nt isolated as it depends
> the
> war plugin. By using an isolated goal, one could, for example, cactify
> existing webapp. Let say, for example, that you want to functionally
> an
> existing webapp (even if functionnal testing is not the primary goal
> cactus): you don't want to rebuild it (or you can't), but you want to
> cactify it...
> > B) run cactus tests against a specified web application already
> deployed
> > into an applications server (for example : an existing weblogic
> domain),
> > using an isolated goal.
> >
> >There are 2 items here:
> >1/ The ability to use an already existing weblogic configuration
> of
> the default one provided by cactus. I'm >
> >currently working on that feature. 2/ The ability to deploy a
> war/ear into an already running instance. This is >not implemented yet
> help is most welcome. The cleanest way is by redeploying the
> using JMX.
> >
> >I see no real use case for simply executing an already deployed
> war/ear. I think use case 2/ is a superset of it >and should be
> What
> do you think?
> I think you're right, but i also think that deployment is not a cactus
> specific task : it could be developped in another plugin. The cactus
> plugin
> will only provide a test goal, which run the tests against the server.
> User
> could specify the deployment plug in as a pre goal to cactus test. A
> everything out of the box" goal could also be provided...
> The general philosophy would be :
> 1) providing isolated goals for cactus specific features : cactify,
> run-test, ...
> 2) providing out-of-the-box goals "assembling" those specifics goals
> specific goals from other plugins (for example : cactus:test, that
> java:compile, war:war, cactus:cactify, idontknowwhat:deploy and then
> cactus:run-test).
> Anyway, the end of your mail shows me that almost everything i've
> requested
> was already possible using cactus ant tasks, and that's the most
> point.
> Hope i'll find some time to try to participate in cactus
> Then we'll see if it can be regarded as "help" ;-)
> Sebastien
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