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From "Vincent Massol" <vmas...@pivolis.com>
Subject RE: Maven plugin : "isolated" goals ?
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 17:53:16 GMT
Hi Sebastien,

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> From: BRUNOT S├ębastien [mailto:Sebastien.BRUNOT@cegetel.fr]
> Sent: 06 August 2003 12:00
> To: 'Cactus Users List'
> Subject: Maven plugin : "isolated" goals ?
> Hi,
> After using the maven plugin (not a lot, to be honest...), i thought
> things that would be great to do with it :


> A) Cactify an existing war using an isolated goal (a goal that doesn't
> depend on the execution of another goal) ;

hmm... Have you read the Cactus plugin documentation? ;-) For example,
have you checked

> B) run cactus tests against a specified web application already
> into an applications server (for example : an existing weblogic
> using an isolated goal.

There are 2 items here:
1/ The ability to use an already existing weblogic configuration instead
of the default one provided by cactus. I'm currently working on that
2/ The ability to deploy a cactified war/ear into an already running
instance. This is not implemented yet and help is most welcome. The
cleanest way is by redeploying the webapp/ear using JMX.

I see no real use case for simply executing an already deployed
cactified war/ear. I think use case 2/ is a superset of it and should be
enough. What do you think?

> This way, one could define his own goal which does :
> 1) Build a war (using the war plugin, for example);

already being done... The cactus:cactifywar goal depends on war:war

> 2) Cactify this war (using the cactus isolated goal A);

already possible

> 3) Deploy the cactifyed war into one's applications server ;

provided by cactus and can be implemented manually if you wish, simply
by not using the cactus:test goal and instead creating a custom goal in
your maven.xml and using the <cactus> Ant task in which you put a nested
<generic> container element (see the Cactus/Ant integration doc on the
Cactus web site for more on that).

> 4) Run cactus tests (using the cactus isolated goal B).

This is already provided by the custom <cactus> Ant task.

> But also :
> 1) Build an ear ;

This is on the todo list and quite easy to implement.

> 2) cactify a war (or more) which is (are) in the ear (by using the
> isolated goal A + pre and post goals) ;

yep. Same as 1)

> 3) Deploy the ear into one's applications server ;

The <cactus> Ant task already supports this.
> 4) Run cactus tests (using the cactus isolated goal B).

Steps 1 to 4 are part of the same todo, which is to support
cactification of EARs. I have already done it using custom Ant scripts
and it should be quite easy to include it in the Maven plugin for
Cactus. Just needs some time or help... ;-)

Thanks for all these nice ideas! :-)


> Considering the actual maven plugin, what is already possible (A / B)
> Sebastien BRUNOT
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