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From "Parmley, Scott C." <sparm...@p2es.com>
Subject Same session tests
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 22:09:06 GMT
Hello all,

I have an issue I need some advice on.  I have finally been able to put together a cactus
test that examines an HttpSession.  I am using RequestDispatcher to forward a request to an
XSP page.  The page does some work and populates a session variable with an object.  Here's
my quandary:

I must perform a series of tests in order.  The first part to be done is logging in.  This,
as I mentioned before, populates a session variable with an object.  The next test, which
is not logging in, is dependent on the use of the same session as was used in the first test.

What I have noticed is that if I write a test class that contains more than one test (i.e.
   testXXX()   testYYY()  ), they utilize different sessions for each test.  Is there a way
to write a test class such that each subsequent test uses the same HttpSession?

Thanks in advance,

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