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From Manav Gupta <Manav.Gu...@cramer.com>
Subject RE: Client side configuration problem
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2003 11:33:23 GMT
I seem to be having all sorts of problems with this. I now tried the
server-side XSL transformation to get a HTML page, but i still get the XML

1. I have styles/cactus-report.xml in my web application root.
2. I have the following files in WEB-INF/lib:
------ aspectjrt-1.0.5.jar
------ cactus-1.4.1.jar
------ commons-httpclient-2.0alpha1-20020606.jar
------ commons-logging-1.0.jar
------ junit.jar
------ log4j-1.2.5.jar
------ xalan.jar
------ xercesImpl.jar
------ xml-apis.jar
3. This is what I have in my web.xml:
4. Finally, this is what I pass to my browser:
5. And here is what I get as output:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
- <testsuites>
- <testsuite name="testcases.TestSampleServlet" tests="13" failures="2"
errors="0" time="0.281">
  <testcase name="testReadServletOutputStream" time="0.02" /> 
  <testcase name="testPostMethod" time="0.021" /> 
  <testcase name="testGetMethod" time="0.03" /> 
  <testcase name="testSetAttribute" time="0.01" /> 
  <testcase name="testSetRequestAttribute" time="0.01" /> 
  <testcase name="testSendParams" time="0.02" /> 
  <testcase name="testSendHeader" time="0.02" /> 
  <testcase name="testSendCookie" time="0.02" /> 
  <testcase name="testSendMultipleCookies" time="0.02" /> 
  <testcase name="testReceiveHeader" time="0.01" /> 
  <testcase name="testReceiveCookie" time="0.02" /> 
- <testcase name="testRequestDispatcherForward" time="0.04">
.... and so on...

I tried with other values for "transform", but no luck.


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