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From "Navjeet Chabbewal" <navjeet.chabbe...@us.didata.com>
Subject Iplanet app server 6.5 problems runing the test
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2003 14:44:52 GMT
I am having an issue with running my test class on Iplanet 6.5 app
server on windows 2000. I am running the test thru junit awt test runner
and and on app server side I get the followingerror. I have deployed the
cactus servlets along with my application and test classes. I have added
cactus related jars to the app server's classpath and the application by
itself runs fine. The test class was written for an older version of
2003-07-08 10:36:13,681 DEBUG
stCaller] - Test Result = [Test failed, Exception message = [Error
finding class
 [com.foo.dao.oracle.order.TestOrderDAOServlet] using both the Context
classloader and the webapp classloader. Possible causes include:
        - Your webapp does not include your test classes,
        - The cactus.jar is not located in your WEB-INF/lib directory
and your C
ontainer has not set the Context classloader to point to the webapp
This seems like a classloader issue. Can anybody point me to the right
direction? .

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