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From EP...@upstate.com
Subject Using Custom server.xml and Tomcat 4.1.24, War doesn't expand
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 18:11:18 GMT
Hi all,

I thought this might be a more appropriate list for my question:

I am working with the version of Cactus and Maven in CVS head.  At this 
point, my remaining headache is with using my own server.xml and tomcat 

If I don't specify a server.xml, then my war file is unpacked, and the tests

all run.  The only issue is that this causes things to fail as I need 
settings from my server.xml.  If I specify one via:   
  cactus.tomcat4x.config = ${basedir}/src/conf/cactus-server.xml 

Then my cactus-server.xml is copied over as the server.xml.  However, the 
war file is never unpacked, and eventually I time out.  Here is my relavant 

<Context path="/fortius-cactus" docBase="fortius-cactus" debug="0"
          <Loader checkInterval="1"/>
          <ResourceLink name="jdbc/fortius" type="javax.sql.DataSource"

However, if I refer to another, already expanded war file like this:
        <Context path="/fortius-cactus"
docBase="C:\clients\Upstate\fortius\target\fortius-cactus" debug="2"

Then everything works!  I tried specifing as my
docBase="fortius-cactus.war", and that put all my classes and jars in the
work subdirectory, but my application only works from an unpacked war file,
and therefore things would fail.

Any suggestions on how to format my <context> would be great..  I like the
new ant integration stuff, and I feel so close to getting everything
working..... ;-)

Eric Pugh

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