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From "Niket Anand" <ni...@noida.manystreams.com>
Subject Including Servlet problem
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2003 13:43:59 GMT

 Hello All,
 I have been using strutstestcase which is using Cactus framework.
 I am trying to test for one requestURI which is defined in
 struts-config.xml. I have extended the RequestProcessor in such a way that
 it is invoking two Action classes and including a Servlet for the final
 complete processing of one Request URI.I am made seperate Testcase class
 trying to invoke or test that requestURI....It is invoking the two Action
 classes but not able to include Servlet. Even though in actual scenario it
 runs well means when the request is applied from browser then it execute
 both Action classes and include Servlet for that URI but while invoking
 through TestCase class it is unable to include the Servlet.
 May I know the reason behind that and the solution so that I can use Cactus
 in my scenario.
 Waiting for ur reply


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