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From Christopher Lenz <cml...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Building Cactus with Maven -> I'd like to volonteer
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 10:47:29 GMT
Vincent Massol wrote:
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Julien Dubois [mailto:julien@julien-dubois.com]
>>Sent: 23 June 2003 21:26
>>To: cactus-user@jakarta.apache.org
>>Subject: Building Cactus with Maven -> I'd like to volonteer
>>I don't want to spend too much time downloading stuff/configuring
>>eclipse, so I'd like to volonteer for porting Cactus to Maven. I see
 >>that you plan to do so, and I've already worked with Maven before, so
 >>I think I should be able to help.

I don't think that a migration to Maven will be faster than downloading a 
couple of JARs, but anyway...

> Very cool :-). I'm all for trying the move to Maven. However, there is
> one rule that I'd like us to follow: we must not loose any build feature
> when moving to Maven compared to our existing Ant build. This will be
> *very* challenging and will require Maven changes too (but that's ok,
> I'm a Maven committer and I can commit these changes).
> So here's my suggestion:
> - you start making the move for some subproject. Probably starting with
> jakarta-cactus/framework is the easiest
> - you send us the patch on the Cactus dev mailing list
> - we'll review it and comment on it
> - if ok, I'll create a branch until we finish releasing Cactus 1.5 and
> then move the Maven build to HEAD.
> - as you get more and more confident about the Cactus build and if
> you're still interested in participating and maintaining the Cactus
> build, then we would eventually be able to vote you in as a committer
> (please realize that we will need to ensure of your commitment and
> Cactus build knowledge before making such a decision).

deja vu

> What you must realize is that once you start working on this, you'll
> have to help us all the way till the full Maven build works. It will be
> a long running project as we're doing clever stuff in the Ant build...
> :-)

Let me add a couple of concerns/requirements:

- We should not depend on Maven CVS HEAD or SNAPSHOT-something for the 
build, only on a released "stable" version. Of course that would slow down 
the migration if our build requires changes to Maven, because we'd need to 
wait until those changes get incorporated into a release.

- Instead of putting the Maven-based build into a branch, we should be able 
to just put it in CVS HEAD. But maybe I'm missing something, and it may 
conflict with the Ant-based build?

- The Ant build files remain the authorative, official build process *until* 
a vote is casted and agreed upon to completely switch to Maven.

- Cactus *must* be buildable by Gump. While I don't know the details, it 
seems like many Mavenized projects either don't care about Gump, or keep a 
separately maintained Ant build file. IIRC Maven can autogenerate Ant build 
files, but how well does that work for a non-trivial project?

- I don't like the default Maven documentation/site style. It should be 
possible to keep our current style, which we put a lot of work into.


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