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From "Bayly, Martin" <Martin.Ba...@webct.com>
Subject Server Side Testing ejb implementation code
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2003 17:56:13 GMT

We're looking into using Cactus to improve integration unit testing.  We're planning on using
Cactus primarily for testing our ejb interfaces, but ideally we'd like to use it for server
side testing of lower level classes in the ejb implementations e.g. data access classes for

This raises the issue of visibility of those classes to the web tier where the cactus unit
tests run.
Currently, our deployed build is pretty loose and everything can see pretty much everything
else.  However, we're in the process of tightening this up with the intention being that the
web tier will only be able to see the ejb interfaces and the classes exposed by those interfaces.
 However, it won't 'conceptually' be able to see ejb implementation details.

To a certain extent this depends on the class loading scheme used by the container - we're
currently using weblogic 6 and in the current weblogic class loading scheme the web app can
see all the classes in the ejb, as all ejbs are loaded using a single class loader, and the
web app is loaded as a child class loader of the ejb class loader.

However, we don't particularly want to be tied to the current weblogic scheme.

I was just wondering if other people have come across this issue and how have they tackled
it.  Does it mean we're going to have to deploy with a different structure for running server
unit tests?  I was kind of hoping the only difference in our test/production build would be
the deployed test cases and cactus jars.


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