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From "Steve Cohen" <SCo...@sportvision.com>
Subject RE: which release to use?
Date Mon, 19 May 2003 14:39:43 GMT
Thanks, Christopher, for the prompt reply.  

Unfortunately we are on a really tight time line and think I have to go
with 1.4.1.  Too bad, because if you were one week ahead of where you
are now, my decision might be different.  C'est la vie.


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From: Christopher Lenz [mailto:cmlenz@gmx.de] 
Sent: Monday, May 19, 2003 9:24 AM
To: Cactus Users List
Subject: Re: which release to use?

Hi Steve,

we are working hard on getting a beta release of 1.5 out, but there are 
some things we need to get straight until that can happen.

The Gump errors are mostly caused by the changes I'm currently doing to 
cleanup the packaging of the builds (both nightlies and releases). The 
packaging is being restructured to provide a smooth migration from 1.4 
to 1.5, whereas the packaging of all nightlies until today is very 
different and confusing IMO. After that restructuring is finished (1 to 
2 days), the packages produced by Gump should be absolutely usable.

The next thing holding up a beta release is the Eclipse plugin and some 
quirks with the Jetty sample. I plan to fix the latter today/tomorrow, 
but the Eclipse plugin will take more time. I'm starting to think that 
we should completely separate the release cycles of the main Cactus 
distro and the Eclipse plugin...


Steve Cohen wrote:
> Our organization is beginning an effort to use cactus in our build
> process.  That process will definitely use the ant integration as the 
> means of invoking cactus.  The container we will be using it with is 
> JBoss v3.2.1.
> I am puzzled by t he fact that the cactus web site defaults to viewing
> the "latest build" (1.5) but that there is no release, not even an 
> alpha, for 1.5.  Yet I am intrigued by the new version since its 
> integration with Ant appears much smoother than in the released 1.4.1 
> version.  Making the choice even more confusing, when I look at the 
> build results and "Gump results" for the latest build I see several 
> errors.  Can someone knowledgeable tell me whether these errors are 
> serious, whether they would inhibit use of cactus in our intended
> on the intended platform, and whether I should just grab the "latest" 
> release or if there is an earlier one having the functionality I need 
> that is more stable?  And is an alpha release planned any time soon?
> Thank you.
> -----------------------------------------------
> Steve Cohen
> Sr. Software Engineer
> Sportvision Inc.
> scohen@sportvision.com
> _http://www.sportvision.com_

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