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From "Anil Agrawal" <a.agra...@popnet.co.in>
Subject Please give me feedback
Date Fri, 16 May 2003 12:48:17 GMT

 In writing DRC cactus automated tests, I faced following problems.
 I found alternative solution for them due to that testcases became
 more  complicated.
 Please give me your feedback.
 1) Ideal procedure
    Cactus provides redirector servlet to test any servlet.
    Cactus also provides implicit object request,response etc.
    We can use this implicit object like
    Now When we instantiate our servlet (e.g. PKICommsSwitch) 
    Cactus uses ServletRedirector and automatically call the  servlet.
   -> while testing PKICommsSwitch, I found that with above approach
      cactus alters this message. 
   ->  During research face, I successfully  tested  our 
       servlet(TLV encoded request) with above approach. 
   Alternative solution adopted by me
    Cactus extends the junit test cases. Instead of using the cactus
    ServletRedirector and  cactus API request.setUserData(requestBytes)
    I took http url connection to PKICommsSwitch and pass the
    My testcase extends the cactus testcase but I am not using cactus 
    In the past We used to write our servlet test junit test cases using
    solution adopted by me.
 2) Maximum problem I faced in session management.
    Cactus does session management per testcase only.
    After Authentication PKICommsSwitch Servlet sets CLPUEK in session.
    For Rest of requests PKICommsSwitch gets the CLPUEK from session.
    -> For the testing of DRC seq-3,5,7, & 9 
       I wrote a test servlet which gives me CLPUEK after parsing
       the Seq-01.txt.
       From setup() method  of my testcases, I call this servlet
       which sets require CLPUEK in the session.
with regards

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