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From PLo <plin...@student.unibe.ch>
Subject No idea
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2003 18:00:05 GMT

Hi folks !

I am retrining to let rule cactus. But got a problem :-(.
Ok, the sample servlet is a nightly build from the 3.14.2003
today there is no sample servler in today`s nigthly build. Why is that so?

Could anyone help me with my BUILD FAILED problem?
I swear I did not change anything but the things wich i postet here.
Jboss with integrated tomcat is well running... with beans and websites...

as you know my private e-mail is plinder@student.unibe.ch ... so if someone 
could send me a running sample for cactus that would be great.
That does not mean that this sample doesnt run... I am to weak to get it I 

THX for supporting!

Greetz PLo

Sample-Servlet from the  3.14.2003 :

file:C:/Uni/Entwicklung/cactus/sampleServlet/build.xml:135: The <path> data 
  doesn't support nested text data.


<path id="cactus.classpath">
         <pathelement location="${target.classes.java.dir}"/>
<---line 135 (build.xml)
         <path refid="project.classpath"/>


1.  cactus.home.jboss3x = c:/Uni/Entwicklung/jbossTom  <--only one line 
changed in Build.properties

2. build-tests-jboss3x.xml
          Start JBoss 3.x
     <target name="cactus.start.jboss3x" description="Start JBoss 3.x"
if="cactus.home.jboss3x">              <----Willies patch

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