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From "Vincent Massol" <vmas...@pivolis.com>
Subject RE: Some queries On Cactus usage
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2003 18:01:52 GMT


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From: Chandran R, Ranjith [mailto:Ranjith.Chandran@hpsglobal.com] 
Sent: 03 April 2003 16:44
To: 'cactus-user@jakarta.apache.org'
Subject: Some queries On Cactus usage


Hi there!

I am a very new user of cactus. I am trying to 'cactify' my existing
project throgh JBuilder(First, I am trying to write test cases for EJBs
only). Now I am facing a lot of problems and confusions. In firstplace,
I dont have a .jar created as part of my project.Instead, I pack the
.jar and .war in to a .ear and deploy it directly. -also, this is done
by an ant process. so, it is kind of out of JBuilder's control. 

The problem is that cactus requires a war to have cactus support. Is
this war same as my project's war?


Any as you're not doing any cactus tests for servlets/taglibs/filters.


 I tried creating a new .war just for cactus support(along with my .ear)
and JBuilder adds whole lot of classes and files to this newly created
war. Could any one please tell me what exactly should be the content of
this .war file? Is it my project's own .war that requires cactus
support, if so how do i enable it? 


Ok. If you're talking about the JBuilder's "Cactus plugin", please ask
Borland as the Cactus team as nothing to do with it. I've actually never
seen it and I would be interested to get some feedback (I don't think it
does anything useful but I'd like to be surprised :-)).


WRT your question, the war configuration is described here:


(this explains what jars to put in your WEB-INF/lib)

(this explains how to configure your web.xml)


That said, you can also choose to use the front ends provided by Cactus
that do all this job for you (and more). They are only available as part
of Cactus 1.5dev (which you need to get from the nightly build area).
There are 3 nice front ends:

-     Cactus/Ant integration (there is no doc yet, you can check the
Cactus Sample application from the nightly build area to see how to use

-     Cactus/Eclipse plugin (check the info on the web site)

-     Cactus/Maven plugin (this plugin is provided as part of Maven -
Make sure to use Maven beta 9, in CVS)








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