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From eric.ho...@jpmorgan.com
Subject Visual Age for Java problem
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 17:43:36 GMT
I'm trying to set up Cactus (1.2) with Visual Age for Java (3.5.3).  I get
a NoClassDefFoundError when JUnit tries to load my ServletTestCase.  I
traced the problem to a call to Class.getDeclaredMethods(), called on the
AbstractTestCase while JUnit is iterating over the super classes of my test
case.  I've determined that I can safely call getDeclaredMethod() for both
declared methods of AbstractTestCase, and I can safely call getMethods().
The actual exception is being thrown inside a native method
(Class.getDeclaredMethods0()) so I can't debug it any further.  I search
the mailing list and saw a complaint from last year with the exact same
stack trace
but no one could help.  I'm sure everything is in my classpath.  The fact
that I can get the declared methods by name but not as a group suggest
something more sinister is afoot.

Any ideas?  Does anyone have Cactus 1.2 working with VAJava 3.5.3?

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