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From "White, Melissa" <mwh...@triactive.com>
Subject RE: Cactus with JRun 3.1
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2003 14:48:29 GMT

The jrun program that I'm running is a binary executable. As I said in my
previous message, I have a task defined as follows in my build.xml:

<target name="start-jrun">
  <exec executable="jrun">
    <arg line="-start tsm-manager" />

This does start the container. I guess my question is: how can I be sure my
tests are actually running in the container? Since the JVM args defined in
my JRun local.properties file are not being recognized by my tests, it seems
like they are running in the Ant JVM, not the JVM started by my start-jrun

I did check the JRun mailing list archives, but there are no Cactus-related
posts. There have been some posts related to using Cactus with JRun on this
list though, so I'm hoping someone out there can help me with this problem.

Thanks!  Melissa

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From: Vincent Massol [mailto:vmassol@octo.com]
Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2003 9:03 AM
To: 'Cactus Users List'
Subject: RE: Cactus with JRun 3.1

Hi Melissa,

Your problem look like a jrun configuration issue. One point though:
What is the file type of "jrun" that you execute in the <exec>? Is it a
shell script or a binary executable?

If it is a shell script, then the executable should be "cmd" or
"command" if you're on windows or "sh", "ksh", etc if you're on unix.
The name of the script should then be passed as an <arg value="jrun"/>
nested tag.

However, you mention that the container does start, which means it is
probably something else...

Unfortunately, I don't use JRun and does not know how to configure it.
Have you tried the JRun mailing-list/forum/support?


> -----Original Message-----
> From: White, Melissa [mailto:mwhite@triactive.com]
> Sent: 28 February 2003 23:13
> To: 'cactus-user@jakarta.apache.org'
> Subject: Cactus with JRun 3.1
> I am using JRun 3.1, and I'm having a problem with the JVM started by
> runservertests task. I have a local.properties file in my
> jrun31/servers/myapp directory that specifies some additional
> for
> the JVM, for example:
> user.javaargs= -Dproperty=value
> The behavior of my tests indicates that these properties have not been
> (i.e., the value is null).
> The startTarget for my runservertests is very simple:
> <target name="start-jrun">
>   <exec executable="jrun">
>     <arg line="-start tsm-manager" />
>   </exec>
> </target>
> I have confirmed that when I execute this from the command line, JRun
> pick up the local.properties settings, so it seems like it should be a
> valid
> way to start the container. Has anyone else run into this problem?
> Thanks! Melissa
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