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From Ian Kallen <spida...@arachna.com>
Subject Re: iterative tag with nested tags example
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 03:24:22 GMT

The first cut of code with JspTagLifecycle worked fine, but the tags
nested inside the iterations appear to have lost a reference to the parent
tag  (getParent() == null).

I'm creating the nesting relationships like this:
  JspTagLifecycle col1Lc = tableLifecycle.addNestedTag(col1);

I also tried explicitly setting the parent in the setUp() phase but it
still thinks the parent is null, I saw the test case for the jstl forEach
tag but none of the test cases use addNestedTag(...) where the lifecycle
is iterative.

Any ideas?  I'm re-examining the tag in question's code but I suspect
something is wrong with the iterative lifecycle's handling of nested tags.

On Sun, 9 Mar 2003, Christopher Lenz wrote:
> I'd be quite interested in some feedback about the JspTagLifecycle
> class. Haven't heard much yet :-(

Ian Kallen <spidaman@arachna.com> | AIM: iankallen

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