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From Jason Arndt <jarndt...@yahoo.com>
Subject add POST parameters to the FormAuthentication security check URL request
Date Sat, 08 Mar 2003 00:50:53 GMT

I was wondering if anyone knows how to get the
FormAuthentication class to use additional parameters
during it's call to the security check URL in the
authenticate(WebRequest) method?  

I am using the iPlanet 6.5 application server and it
adds a few requirements to the standard form-based
authentication call.  What I mean is that the security
check URL must be "/NASApp/System/FormAuthServlet",
which I can set.  However, in addition to the standard
"j_username" and "j_password" parameters, it requires
2 additional parameters, "ias_request_appname" and
"ias_request_real_appname", or it throws a

[07/Mar/2003 17:42:43:6] error: Exception:
SERVLET-execution_failed: Error in executing servlet
FormAuthServlet: javax.servlet.ServletException:
Authorization information not provided to

Anyway, I've gotten it to work by downloading the
latest cactus source from cvs and modifying the
FormAuthentication class' authenticate method to add
these parameters to the request, but this was just a
short term solution to test my theory and I need
another alternative.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

-- Jason

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