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From "info@pistehors.com" <david....@voila.fr>
Subject RE: Code coverage
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2003 09:00:22 GMT
it is funny you mention this John, I've been looking at exactly the same area and came to the
conclusion that Cactus is the ideal partner for Coverage use.  I have been working for the
last 4 months for France Telecom in Paris with a test team measuring performance and coverage.
 We use WinRunner and TestDirector for testing and JProbe 4* for measuring coverage.  

However the WinRunner tests are aimed at functional testing and it is not really a good match
for Coverage except as a high level management reporting concept - "yup we've achieved 80%
coverage let's stop now" etc.

Certainly with Java code, especially when working with an application server there are an
awful lot of exception conditions and generated code that you either want to test or exclude
from your coverage measurements.  It is hard to do this by clicking on buttons in a web browser,
you really need a developer level knowledge of the code, the kind of knowledge that comes
with creating Cactus tests.

I think Cactus combined with a coverage testing tool, especially one that can measure branch
/ path coverage is a powerful combination for quality assurance before code is released to
the test team or for alpha testing.  It will certainly highlight code which developers don't
want to test or code that is redundant and should be removed.  Although 100% coverage is a
dream, some exception conditions are difficult to reproduce, it should be possible to exercise
all normal code paths.

I've not used Quilt, we are more oriented towards commercial tools here but I have passed
the link onto my project manager who is pretty open about these things.

David George

> I was wondering if anyone had integrated cactus with an open source
> coverage tool?  I have seen some clover posts on this mailing list, is
> this the only option?  Quilt looks like it might work
> http://quilt.sourceforge.net/overview.html
> Has anyone tried this?
> Thanks,
> -John


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