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From "Robertson, Jason" <Jason.Robert...@acs-inc.com>
Subject WebRequest and header values
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2003 02:26:10 GMT
The current WebRequest object only has an "addHeader" method, and we've come
across a need for a "setHeader" method and I was wondering if there was any
specific reason something like this isn't there. The difference would be
that in setHeader it would replace any existing values with the new value.

The issue has appeared because some of my team members implemented a test
case that in 29 of the 34 test methods has a common configuration that they
put into the begin() method. Then, in those 5 other tests, they need
different configuration options which they put into beginXXX() methods (this
way they didn't have to write 34 beginXXX() methods). However, the
configuration involves setting header values and since there's no way to
override the existing headers the begin() configuration put there they can't
be replaced in beginXXX().

Also, it was suggested that instead of using a Vector for the header values
it should be an ArrayList (or some other unsynchronized collection) so that
you don't pay the slight but unnecessary synchronization penalty.

I have the guy rewriting WebRequest with these changes, I'll submit it when
he has it ready. I just wanted to toss these comments out before he gets too


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