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From Adam Ambrose <adam_ambr...@access-us-inc.com>
Subject RE: WebResponse headers
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2003 02:09:25 GMT
I have a very similar situation to that reported by Paul Christmann on
January 17, and I'm curious if any more information has been found out
about this issue.  This problem started occurring after a recent upgrade
from cactus 1.2.

The particulars of my situation:  I have a response header that is being
set by the servlet under test:  "X-Access-Subnym".   If I use
response.containsHeader("X-Access-Subnym") in the testXXX method, it
returns true.   However, in the endXXX(HttpUnit WebResponse) method, the
header is absent (using theResponse.getHeaderField).

I've tried the following versions of the libraries:




I've also found a strange workaround:  if I set *three* response headers
at the end of the testXXX() method, then the "X-Access-Subnym" header
shows up again (and one of the headers that I set are missing).  It
doesn't matter what these dummy headers are called - I've set them as
"a", "b", and "c".

Adam Ambrose <adam_ambrose@access-us-inc.com>

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