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From "Vincent Massol" <vmas...@octo.com>
Subject RE: Can't get authenticated using JDBC Realm
Date Sat, 22 Feb 2003 15:59:03 GMT
Hi Mark,

I have personally never tried using the JDBC realm in Tomcat and I'm not
sure I can help you much. I can only tell you (as you already know) that
Cactus supports Basic and Form based authentications and this should be
completely independent on the underlying mechanism provided by the

I would say this is a setup issue but who knows.

Thanks and sorry for not helping you much...

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mark [mailto:markd@bellsouth.net]
> Sent: 07 January 2003 21:37
> To: cactus-user@jakarta.apache.org
> Subject: Can't get authenticated using JDBC Realm
> I'm new to Cactus and trying to get a grip on using it with Ant.
Cactus is
> a GREAT tool and everything was going fine - I was able to run a
> test case, and by following the Cactus 'Security Howto' I got
> authenticated
> using a Tomcat 4.1.12 Basic authentication and a Memory Realm.
> using the same test case I'm not able to get authenticated using a
> realm after modifying Tomcat's server.xml. I know the JDBC realm works
> since it's being used daily and I can use it interactively in our
> application. I verified the username/password I'm using in my
> ServletTestCase's BasicAuthentication() method and verified the
> information in my server.xml matches what's defined for the working
> application.
> The name of the realm in web.xml is "test realm". When I attempt to
run my
> test cases I get an http 401 error result, and in my cactus log I see
> log4j messages:
> 15:23:57,587 [main] DEBUG httpclient.Authenticator        -
> Authenticator.authenticate(HttpMethod, HttpState)
> 15:23:57,597 [main] DEBUG httpclient.Authenticator        - Parsed
> "test realm" from challenge "Basic realm="test realm"".
> 15:23:57,597 [main] DEBUG httpclient.Authenticator        -
> Authenticator.basic(String,HttpState)
> 15:23:57,597 [main] INFO  httpclient.Authenticator        - No
> found for realm "test realm", attempting to use default credentials.
> 15:23:57,597 [main] DEBUG httpclient.HttpMethod           -
> HttpMethodBase.execute(): Server demands authentication credentials,
> none are available, so aborting.
> Is there something I'm missing, or is using a JDBC realm not possible
> Cactus/Tomcat? I wanted our test cases to emulate real-life container
> as much as possible.
> Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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