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From Payal Pamnani <Pay...@quinnox.com>
Subject RE: Turorial help
Date Tue, 14 Jan 2003 05:04:22 GMT


Thanks for the reply. I have very well put the class files under
<tomcat>/webapps/<root>/web-inf/classes. I have tried putting the jar file
of my test classes under <tomcat>/webapps/<root>/web-inf/lib. but it gives
the same error. However, if i keep the same jar file under
<tomcat>/common/lib & set the same in my system classpath, then it gets the
servlet & runs it. But, i don't want to explicitly, run my test classes at
tomcat level as they are application specific, so it is better to keep them
at application level.

Please help me out ......

1 more query -----
If i keep all my test classes in a seperate root under webapps & my
application in a seperate root under webapps. When i run my test servlet in
one browser & my application in other browser. How do i verify my
application session in my test servlet. Say for e.g. in my application i set
some attribute say username once user logs in. If i want to test whether my
session in my application holds it or not how can i do it in a alltogether
new browser. I faced this problem while testing struts. How do i relate my
application with the test.

Payal Pamnani

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