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From Richard Robinson <Richa...@LDR.com>
Subject Re: cactus.properties in classpath, cactus.contextURL
Date Wed, 01 Jan 2003 21:53:47 GMT
Some extra information.

I've created a ServletTest.java (not using Cactus or Junit...) in the same directory as SampleServletTest.java.
ServletTest.java is basically a hollow servlet that merely prints out the current value (if
any) of the
cactus.contextURL. (System.getProperty( "cactus.contextURL").

Even though I *do* have a cactus.properties file in the JVM classpath ($TOMCAT/common/classes)
which contains, as
specified in last posting, a cactus.contextURL of "http://host.domain.com:8080/myWebApp/",
nevertheless the
ServletTest.java displays the following value:

  cactus.contextURL: null

Which leads me to conclude that cactus.properties file is NOT being picked up on.

Any ideas where I should be putting the cactus.properties file for server side testing with

-- Richard

Richard Robinson wrote:

> Hello,
> I've read through the Cactus Howtos and have been moderately successful
> installing and configuring Cactus 1.4.1 (J2EE 1.3) on a Red Hat Linux
> 7.1, using Tomcat 4.0.4 and JBoss 2.4. My webapp is in a different
> directory than the default. I.e. "$HTTPD_DOCROOT/webapps/myWebApp". My
> source files (JSP, servlets, EJBs, etc.) are compiled in a different
> directory, using Ant, and deployed under the myWebApp. All this works as
> it should.
> A SampleServletTest file (as per the docs) works WHEN I add the
> following to the beginSaveToSessionOK method:
>    System.setProperty( "cactus.contextURL",
> "http://host.domain.com:8080/myWebApp/" );
> I am running the test via a brower (IE 5 on Win XP) using the following
> URL:
> http://host.domain.com/myWebApp/servlet/ServletTestRunner?suite=com.whatever.whatever.servlets.SampleServletTest
> But I'd like to set the contextURL rather via the cactus.properties
> file. I have one. But try as I may I cannot get the Tomcat JVM to pick
> up on it. Contents of cactus.properties are one line as follows
> (indented only for this email):
>    cactus.contextURL = http://host.domain.com:8080/myWebApp/
> I'm presuming it is a question of setting the JVM that Tomcat runs in.
> Surely it cannot be the Jboss JVM. And there is no other JVM to speak
> of. The Tomcat 4.0.4 Classloader howto is pretty explicit on where the
> classpath is picked up and in what order. I've tried copying
> cactus.properties (which incidentally is owned by root, but world and
> group readable) to various places --
>    $HTTPD_DOCROOT/webapps/myWebApp/classes
>    $TOMCAT_HOME/common/classes
>    $TOMCAT_HOME/classes
>    In the same directory as the SampleServletTest file (under
> webapp/crm/classes/package ... )
> After rebooting Tomcat, and retrying the URL via a browser (as per
> above), I still get this error: "Not Found: The requested URL
> /myWebApp/ServletRedirector was not found on this server"
> Does anyone have any suggestions?
> I've even tried adding
> "-Dcactus.contextURL=http://host.domain.com:8080/myWebApp/" to JAVA_OPTS
> environment variable, exporting it (from tomcat rc file), which should
> be picked up by the JVM Tomcat starts in, but this doesn't work either.
> At this point I'm feeling a bit doubtful about my understanding of the
> whole Tomcat Classloader stuff. But perhaps it is the format of the -D
> command or the cactus.properties file?
> Can any one help?
> --
> Richard Robinson
> --
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Richard Robinson
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Fusion Systems International
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