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From Bruno Teixeira de Abreu <brun...@ufmg.br>
Subject Problem with forward
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 17:58:30 GMT

I'm having problems with my taglib's tests.
The problem is:

I have a doStartTag method that calls another method Search.
This method Search calls a method SendMsg that is responsible
for doing a forward to another JSP page.

My test class has a beginXXX method, a testXXX method and a endXX method.
The problem is that I can't see the output of the response of the forwarded
Just like you do a forward to "Hello.jsp" from your taglib action and you
get "null" in
the response in the endXXX method, instead of getting the contents of

Does anybody know how do I get the right response instead of null?!?


Bruno Teixeira de Abreu
Computacao - 6o. periodo - DCC/UFMG
UFMG I. Jr. - "Venha você também!"
Visite http://www.dcc.ufmg.br/~brunotx

"Participe da Campanha: Natal sem TP, DCC-UFMG."

"No meio da dificuldade, está a oportunidade"
(Albert Einstein)

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