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From Davide Baroncelli <baronce...@yahoo.com>
Subject Testing a distributed login subsystem
Date Fri, 27 Dec 2002 14:56:28 GMT
we have the need to test a custom "cluster-like" subsystem that we have 
developed. In short, this subsystem connects web applications on the 
same server and on different servers distributing login information when 
a user does login (via javagroups).

What we need to do is something like that:
1) login the user (this can either be done by calling an http url or a 
method on the server side, but we do need to receive a session id, to 
continue the test!)
2) go on every other web application on the same server and on other 
servers, and check, with a server side method, that the session id we 
received at the point 1) corresponds to a valid session.
3) we have an ant-based build system where we would like to integrate 
this test feature

The problems are:
1) how do we receive a parameter from the initialization phase 1), that 
we can use to pass to subsequent tests? the problem is that what we want 
to test is the actual generation of ids and the passing of messages 
through javagroups, so we have to use a dinamically generated string, 
and can't use the same one every time.

So, is there a way to provide properties to the tests on the server side 
that are dinamically generated from the client side? The idea is step 1) 
should return an id, and we pass it to every test executed in step 2).

2) is it possible to run the same test on a battery of servers? we need 
to perform after-initialization tests of our 5 production servers, so 
the tests are actually the same. What we do now in our build system is 
iterating via ant-contrib tasks (foreach...), but this creates the need 
to solve the parameter-passing issue.


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