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From SainTiss <saint...@gmx.net>
Subject RE: how to use cactus with jboss/tomcat?
Date Sun, 01 Dec 2002 22:48:43 GMT
Hi Vincent,

I didn't miss the config howto, but I must admit I got a bit confused...

I'll try to point out where this happened:

"Note  Please note that the different options for configuring Cactus
works both for Cactus client side (i.e. from where you start the JUnit
Test Runner) and for the Cactus server side (i.e. from where you start
your application server)."

This is why I thought that there had to be a cactus.properties file both
on client and server side...

About log4j.properties being optional: if I remove it from the client
side CP, I get exceptions, so apparently it's not optional there... 

> That's normal, it is not in your CLASSPATH. As you know, "being in the
> CP" for a single resource means that the directory where it is located
> is in the CP and .../default/lib is not in the CP.

Actually, I didn't know that :-)
So thanks for pointing this out...

I don't think I ever found a good document where the jboss CP philosophy
is described...

Also, I tried putting the log4j.properties file in the WEB-INF/classes
directory, yet I noticed no change in behaviour, and I didn't find a
cactus_server.log file generated anywhere...
Where should it be written normally?
(the cactus_client.log file *is* generated in my build directory...)



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