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From "Vincent Massol" <vmas...@octo.com>
Subject RE: how to use cactus with jboss/tomcat?
Date Sun, 01 Dec 2002 22:08:46 GMT
Hi Hans,

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> From: SainTiss [mailto:saintiss@gmx.net]
> Sent: 01 December 2002 21:43
> To: vmassol@octo.com
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> Subject: RE: how to use cactus with jboss/tomcat?
> Hi Vincent,
> Thanks for the effort.
> However, I had figured it out by myself with a bit of luck :-)

ok. Good.

> Still, there is one thing that's not quite clear yet:
> The docs on the cactus site, say that a log4j.properties file and a
> cactus.properties file should be present at client side *and* server
> side. Well, I put them in the client side classpath, and things

Actually if I remember correctly the docs says that log4j.properties is
optional. The doc must also say that cactus.properties is only needed on
the client side. 

Feel free to point me the location in the doc that is wrong and I'll

> What's more, no matter what I try, I can't seem to find how cactus
> pick up the server side files.

It's described in the config how to. The only config file is
log4j.properties which you need to put in your classpath. The best
solution for this (check the classpath howto or config howto) is to put
the log4j conf file in your webapp WEB-INF/classes directory so that it
is in your CP by default.

> For example, I tried putting the log4j.properties file in [jboss
> root]/server/default/lib, but no cactus_server.log file was created
> running the tets...

That's normal, it is not in your CLASSPATH. As you know, "being in the
CP" for a single resource means that the directory where it is located
is in the CP and .../default/lib is not in the CP.

> As for the cactus.properties file, I'm totally lost as well...

It's not needed on the server side and is even optional on the client
side if you pass the needed properties as system properties (-D). Check
the config how to on the web site.

> Is this an error in the docs, meaning that no server-side properties
> files are needed? Or am I actually missing something?

It seems to me you missed the config how to. If not, I would be happy to
improve it on your suggestions ;-)



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