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From istho...@chennai.tcs.co.in
Subject Problem in running samples in the cactus
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2002 15:04:31 GMT


The problem came for running the samples mentioned in howto_sample.html

I am using Cactus 1.3, with Ant 1.4.1 and Tomcat server 4.0.4

Since I am testing it on Tomcat 4.0, I ran the test for only for Tomcat using the command
ant test.tomcat.40

Its throwing error: The <fail> task doesn't support the "unless" attribute.

The classpath is also set for using the cactus-ant.jar.

Could you help me out of this trouble. Details below....
D:\cactus\jakarta-cactus-13-1.3\sample-servlet\build>ant test.tomcat.40
Buildfile: build.xml


     [echo] ----- Cactus Servlet Sample 1.3 -----
     [echo] java.class.path = D:\j2sdk1.4.0\lib\tools.jar;D:
\ant\jakarta-ant-1.4.1\lib\ant.jar;C:\Program Files\Exceed.nt\hcljrcsv.jar;C:\Program
ib\cactus.jar;D:\Apache Tomcat 4.0\common\lib\servlet.jar;D:\cactus\jakarta-cact
ses;D:\Apache Tomcat 4.0\webapps\sciapp\WEB-INF\lib\junit.jar;D:\Apache Tomcat 4
.0\webapps\sciapp\WEB-INF\lib\cactus.jar;D:\Apache Tomcat 4.0\webapps\sciapp\WEB
-INF\lib\log4j-1.2rc1.jar;D:\Apache Tomcat 4.0\webapps\sciapp\WEB-INF\classes\co
m\stanchart\sci\TestClasses;D:\Apache Tomcat 4.0\webapps\sciapp\WEB-INF\classes\
     [echo] java.home = D:\j2sdk1.4.0\jre
     [echo] user.home = C:\WINNT\Profiles\scbsci30
     [echo] ant.home = D:\ant\jakarta-ant-1.4.1
     [echo] cactus.framework.jar = D:\cactus\jakarta-cactus-13.1.3\lib\cactus.jar
     [echo] cactus.ant.jar = d:\ant\jakarta-ant-1.4.1\lib\cactus-ant.jar
     [echo] servlet.jar = D:\Apache Tomcat 4.0\common\lib\servlet.jar
     [echo] aspectjrt.jar = D:\cactus\jakarta-cactus-13.1.3\lib\aspectjrt.jar
     [echo] commons.httpclient.jar = D:
     [echo] httpunit.jar = ${httpunit.jar}
     [echo] junit.jar = D:\cactus\jakarta-cactus-13.1.3\lib\junit.jar
     [echo] log4j.jar (optional) = D:\cactus\jakarta-cactus-13.1.3\lib\log4j-1.2rc1.jar
     [echo] test.port = 8080



D:\cactus\jakarta-cactus-13-1.3\sample-servlet\build\build.xml:153: The <fail> t
ask doesn't support the "unless" attribute.

With Warm Regards,

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