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From "Aimee Ukasick" <aimee.ukas...@centare.com>
Subject Asynchronous integration testing with Cactus? (newbie)
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2002 15:00:36 GMT
Hello. I've been assigned the task of building a test harness that mimics
three external systems interacting with our server-side system.
First, let me explain the pieces and flow:
A) client that posts large XML doc to B & immediately gets an
HttpServletResponse back
B) servlet application that gets XML doc out of request & immediately
sends HttpServletResponse; processes XML doc and sends it via JMS to C;
receives acknowledgement message from C and routes it to D; receives
decision message from C and routes it to E; stores all incoming & outgoing
XML in Oracle
C) system that receives XML message; processes XML doc and sends XML
acknowledgement via JMS to B (may take minutes in real world); more
processing (involves system I don't care about) and sends decision message
via JMS to B (could take hours in real world for decision to be sent)
D) servlet that receives asynchronous acknowledgement from B
E) servlet that receives asynchronous decision message from B

B is our application, which needs to be deployed as is (I do not want to
mimic this). What I need to mimic are A, C, D, and E, and everything needs
to be started from an ANT process. At each letter other than B, I need to
verify response/message codes and parts of the XML docs. I know I can use
HttpClient to mimic A, but how do I mimic C - servlet test case? Would D &
E be servlet test cases also? Are there any examples of something this
complex? After E receives the decision, all the database storage that was
done by B needs to be verified as well. At the end of it all, a JUnit
report needs to be written.

I've been over the Cactus & HttpUnit docs but my brain seems to go on
hiatus everytime I look at the stuff. Can Cactus help with my test
harness? Is there something better? Or do I have to just build my own? Are
there examples anywhere that have the same complexity as what I need to
Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Aimee Ukasick
Software Developer
Centare Group, Ltd.
Brookfield, WI

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