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From Charlene Mitchell <charlene...@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject running from Ant
Date Mon, 04 Nov 2002 15:14:02 GMT

I've read the docs (and the previous replies), and
I've set up the ant task (especially referring to:
Deployed I have a war file containing the specified
lib files, the web.xml file and my single Cactus Unit
Test Case (also, of course, I have my application
deployed in a separate ear file).

Can someone just confirm that the following classpath
thinking for the Ant/JUnit task is correct (ie -not-
what is deployed in the war):
  * I have to include a cactus and log_client property
  * I have to include my Test Case (even though it's
deployed in the war)
  * this means I have to include my application code
(e.g. home and remote) - else the test can't run
  * this in turn wants me to include the Application
Server client classes 

Is the above assumption right? (if I do not do all
this then I cannot get the test to even begin).

Because there are 2 identical Cactus Unit Test cases
(one in the JUnit task classpath, the other deployed),
where do I specify the username/password as mentioned
in your previous e-mail?
 request.setAuthentication(new FormAuthentication(
Is this picked up from the Application Server or from
the Ant task?

Even if I hardcode it in the test I'm getting an
authentication exception that principal = null.



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