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From "Nicholas Lesiecki" <n...@eblox.com>
Subject RE: Controlling transactions during unit tests
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2002 16:22:00 GMT
How doesn't the included code help?--It's almost exactly what I would have
suggested. Does it still report the same error?


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Tim McAuley [mailto:mcauleyt@tcd.ie]
> Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2002 4:25 AM
> To: cactus-user@jakarta.apache.org
> Subject: Controlling transactions during unit tests
> Hi,
> I am having a trouble with transactions during one of my unit tests, using
> JBoss 3. Someone
> might be able to help.
> I have some code to update a member's interest in a topic. This will
> retrieve the list of current interests, store them in a cache (separate
> collection) and update the specified interest when asked to do so (both in
> the cache and to the db currently).
> DB Layout:     Member 1 - N MemberInterest N - 1 Interest
> This call will be made through a session bean under normal
> operation but for
> the moment I would like to test it separately (using Cactus).
> Currently I get an exception, with the message:
> "A CMR collection may only be used within the transaction in which it was
> created"
> This happens when I want to load the list of member interests
> into a cache.
> This is done by retrieving the cmr collection and then iterating
> through it
> to create a separate collection in cache.
> How can I get this to run within the same transaction using
> cactus, like it
> would under normal operation using a session bean (I presume)?
> I have tried this code (within the unit test) but it does not
> seem to help:
>     uTrans = (UserTransaction)new
>         InitialContext().lookup("UserTransaction");
>     uTrans.begin();
>     // Create the action... which will create the interest cache on first
> call
>     interestAction = new UpdateInterestAction(memberContext, interest,
> value);
>     uTrans.commit();
> This is the only reference I could find on the web to a similar problem...
> and suggesting to make sure to run everything within a usertransaction.
> http://www.jboss.org/forums/thread.jsp?forum=46&thread=20507&messa

I am using JBoss 3.0.2 (and 3.0.3), on Win 2K, accessing Postgres 7.1.3

Many thanks,


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