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From Erik Hatcher <jakarta-str...@ehatchersolutions.com>
Subject Struts testing problem
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2002 13:54:29 GMT
Below is part of an e-mail thread from the struts-dev list.

Here's the situation - I upgraded to a nightly build of Struts, and that 
is the only change.  On Struts 1.1b2 all our Cactus tests succeeded, but 
with the nightly build (20021028) they all failed.  Logically you'd 
think the problem was with Struts, but our application still worked in 
the browser just fine.  Digging a bit deeper, a change was made in part 
of the request handling of Struts to call:


With Struts debugging enabled, I see this is returning "/something.do" 
when running through a web browser, but is returning "" when running 
through Cactus.

To further confuse issues, I'm using StrutsTestCase on top of Cactus.

I'm assuming something is misconfigured in the Cactus side of things 
either with our code or in the StrutsTestCase framework (which may need 
some adjustments for the Struts code changes).

Any clues?


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Subject: Re: Nightly build issue
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 16:17:11 -0600
From: Erik Hatcher <jakarta-struts@ehatchersolutions.com>
To: Struts Developers List <struts-dev@jakarta.apache.org>
References: <3DBD6713.7080701@ehatchersolutions.com> 
<3DBD6D1D.7070106@ehatchersolutions.com> <3DBD83AD.8020305@swbell.net>

Eddie Bush wrote:
 > Can you verify your assumption with the logging output?  It should say
 > what the value of matchPath is.  This would be a debug-level logging
 > statment indicated by a line stating:
 > Selecting module for path <matchPath>

After getting the logging opened up, my results are <matchPath> is ""
(blank, not null) when running through Cactus/StrutsTestCase, but not
when running through a browser.  Odd.  I guess this is not a Struts
issue per se.  I'll take this up on the Cactus list when I get a chance.


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