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From "Larry Tambascio" <ltambas...@charter.net>
Subject Re: Multi Step Tests - Better HttpUnit Integration
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2002 15:48:58 GMT
Hi Steve,

It sounds to me like what you really need is HttpUnit. 
 I'm unsure what Cactus is buying you.  What I have 
usually done is to setup the session as though all your 
preceding requests and responses have been made.  My guess 
is that it would take about the same amount of code to 
setup all the session values as it does to do the HttpUnit 
web conversation thing.  Finding out what those all are 
could be tedious, but it would make your tests cleaner and 
faster, IMHO.


On Thu, 26 Sep 2002 09:21:28 -0400
  "Steve Appling" <steve100@appling.org> wrote:
>I find that I frequently need to implement tests that 
>require multiple HTTP request/response round trips to set 
>up the conditions for the test.  I have been implementing 
>this by using HttpUnit inside my beginXXX method to make 
>a WebConversation and use an HttpUnit to send requests, 
>check response, send next request, etc.  After the 
>multi-request setup is complete I can set up the 
>org.apache.cactus.WebRequest for my real test request 
>that will go to my testXXX method and allow me to make 
>assertions about the resulting state of my servlet in my 
>real container (something I can't do with just HttpUnit).
>I would think that multi-request setup would be a typical 
>requirement.  Are other people doing something similar - 
>or has this been solved in a different way?
>What I would like to see in a future version is better 
>integration with HttpUnit in the beginXXX methods.  I 
>very much like the version of the endXXX methods that 
>takes a com.meterware.httpunit.WebResponse.  I would like 
>to see a similar version of the beginXXX that takes a 
>com.meterware.httpunit.WebRequest instead of the Cactus 
>one.  I am very new to Cactus, so perhaps I am missing 
>something here, but this seems like a useful approach to 
>me.  Any input would be appreciated.

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