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From "Larry Tambascio" <ltambas...@charter.net>
Subject problem using include
Date Tue, 27 Aug 2002 15:16:45 GMT
Greetings fellow Cacti (sounds better than cactus'ers),

I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding something.  I've 
gotten a couple of simple ServletTestCases up and going, 
so I'm pretty confident about the setup.  Moving on to 
more substantial tests, I'm running into a problem.  My 
company has inherited (putting it nicely :-)) a 
struts-like framework.  I've tried instantiating the 
controller servlet in my test case, but run into problems. 
 To circumvent that, I've tried passing on the request and 
response objects to the "actual" instance of the 
controller servlet that starts with Tomcat using the 
include method, as follows.



Pretty ugly, I know.  I'm going to clean it up once I get 
it working.  :-)  In my setUp method, I print out the 
request.getRequestURI, and it shows me the value I expect, 
which I initialized in my beginXxx method.  The controller 
servlet barfs, however, because it knows nothing about 
"/ServletRedirector" in the application configuration 
file, and it shouldn't.  Based upon my reading of the 
documentation, I thought that the URL I setup in my 
beginXxx method (using request.setURL()) would be passed 
on to any included or forwarded request.  Am I incorrect 
in understanding how the include works??

Cactus v13-1.4  Tomcat v4.0.1 jdk 1.3.1_04.


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