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From rolivaw daneel <rolivawdan...@caramail.com>
Subject RE:Testing EJB dont work - because of local interfaces?
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2002 20:10:46 GMT
Thx for your help, Alexander Lepekhine. I discorvered (one
of) the problem: I did not changed jboss-web.xml and
web-client.xml to update them from remote to local
descriptors. But now, when I deploy jboss tells me there is
a missing <ejb-link>.. I dont know exactly how to configure
these files.. Any documentation on jboss because their
examples always access local bean via remote facades.. If
someone have/know where to find a working example of a
cactus test case (or any servlet) accessing a local ejb,
with sources of the deployment descriptors, jboss-web.xml,
web-client.xml, etc, I would be very grateful. Thank you for
your help. 
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