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From Charles Massey <CMas...@corp.classmates.com>
Subject RE: [patch] Two Cactus feature requests (was RE: Cactus - possibl e bug)
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2002 20:59:02 GMT
Hi Vincent,

We are using the JSESSIONID as a session tracking mechanism.  We keep the
JSESSIONID cookie from the first session that is created, and then associate
this cookie with further WebRequests.

The Cactus client code right now makes calls to the ServletTestRedirector,
once to call the testXXX method and once to retrieve the result.  The
beginXXX method allows the user to modify the WebRequest object before the
call to the testXXX method on the server.  The WebRequest to get the test
results does not use the WebRequest that is initialized in the beginXXX
method -- it is brand new, and therefore it does not use our JSESSIONID

I would like the WebRequest that is used to get the test results to be same
that is initialized in the beginXXX method, although my feature request only
specifies that the cookies be added to the WebRequest.  The reason is that
for each call to get the test results, a new session is created on the
Dynamo server, and we currently have a maximum of 20 sessions on our
developer licenses.

What do you think?


From: Vincent Massol 
Subject: RE: [patch] Two Cactus feature requests (was RE: Cactus - possible
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 15:18:43 -0700 

Hi Charles,

I was starting to apply your patch WRT setting the cookies in the
request when I started to ask myself some question about this ... :-)

Could you provide more details ? Certainly it is not about the session
cookie (jsessionid) as I don't see how it can relate to the Servlet
Config object ?

Can you send us the list of cookies that you need to set up when calling
a servlet ? Do you always need to set these cookies ?

My point is that Cactus need to abide by the Servlet 2.2 and 2.3 spec
and I don't see how what it is doing is not conformant to any part of
the spec.

The 2 HTTP request (run the test, get the result) are completely
independent (and are meant to be independent by design). The result of
the first request is saved in the application scope (not in the session
scope) and thus there doesn't need to be any cookie in the second

I'm not against applying your patch, but I need more details to
understand the rationale.


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