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From "Vincent Massol" <vmas...@octo.com>
Subject RE: Cactus and BroadVision 6.0?
Date Sat, 29 Jun 2002 21:33:49 GMT
Hi Michael,

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> From: mmattern@web.de [mailto:mmattern@web.de]
> Sent: 29 June 2002 22:17
> To: cactus-user@jakarta.apache.org
> Subject: Cactus and BroadVision 6.0?
> Hi,
> I'm trying to get the Cactus sample-servlet test to run on BV 6.0 

I can tell you that you probably are the first one to try this ! :-)

> (it's
> using a Servlet 2.2 API implementation - basically it's the older
> but I don't know what they've changed).
> I've tracked down the problem as far as this: BV adds a
> "com.broadvision.session.new=Yes" as a GET parameter and seems to
> the
> Servlet to create a new session (of course, the BV way). 

Not sure I understand. Are you saying that all web pages have that HTTP
parameter (com.broadvision.session.new) in all the links and actions
parameter of the forms ?

Anyway, it is easy to pass this parameter using
WebRequest.addParameter(...) in beginXXX().

Now, you've lost me on the creation of the session on the server side
... Are we talking about the HTTP Session ? If so, the Cactus Servlet
Redirector creates one by default. If you're talking about another
session (a BV specific one), this means that when you write a servlet in
BV you also need to call some API to create that session ?

> Obviously, the
> ServletTestRedirector doesn't know what to do with this request and
> ignores
> it. BV, on the other hand, doesn't do anything without a session being
> up. My idea now is to somehow dispatch this request to the originally
> intended recipient and then go on with the test case.

What is the originally intended recipient ?

> Do you have any other ideas that I could try to get it to run?

yes, but I need to understand who is this recipient and what is the life
cycle of that special BV session.


> Thanks in advance,
> Michael
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