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From "Vincent Massol" <vmas...@octo.com>
Subject Cactus delivery philosophy (was RE: Cactus now has test coverage reports !)
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2002 07:32:56 GMT

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> From: Kaarle Kaila [mailto:kaarle.kaila@iki.fi]
> Sent: 10 June 2002 22:15
> To: Cactus Users List
> Subject: RE: Cactus now has test coverage reports !
> At 21:02 10.6.2002 +0100, you wrote:
> >Not sure what you mean here by "who might be lazy when the system
> >already seems to be working!" ... :-)
> When writing new code or modifications to existing one it happens that
> forget to write testcases
> to verify it. One reason for this is lazyness I guess!

yes, you're right ! The tool judges the overall quality of our tests and
yes, it would be nice if committers and contributors took the time to
write test cases with the code they submit (that includes myself !).
However, I think we should not be too strict here as we are definitely
eager for contributions and would rather have some with no test cases
that nothing at all ! :-)

That said, I was quite agreeably surprised when I ran Clover the first
time to see that we had > 50% of code coverage in our tests. That's
quite good ! You won't find lots of projects (open source or not) with
that level ... :-)

In addition to this, we are also running the tests on several servlet
engines, which provides us with an additional level of security !

But now that we have these nice reports, we can focus our energy on
writing some test cases for the code that we are not testing. I would
say reaching 70-80% should be our goal.

Some may wonder why all this ? What for ? Well, the goal is of course to
produce quality deliveries, including nightly builds ! It is meant to
replace the long process of code releases that go from alpha1 to alpha2
to alpha3 to beta1, beta2, beta3 and release !

As you may have noticed in the past, Cactus has always released directly
with no alpha or beta periods ... Quite dangerous you would say ? Quite
right, except that apart from some very minor glitches, it has worked
fine for us with no major bugs reporting and I believe this is due to
our extensive testing and strong build system.

What my goal has always been with Cactus is to have everything automated
as part of the build process (including all kinds of tests) so that we
are able to deliver at any time. And I think this has been achieved. Our
nightly builds should be of the same quality as the release is (apart
maybe from some missing or incomplete doco in nightly builds, but that
won't affect Cactus runtime).

This is all about CI (Continuous Integration) ...

What do you all think ?


> regards
> Kaarle
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> mailto:kaarle.kaila@iki.fi
> tel: +358 50 3725844
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