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From "Brekke, Jeff" <Jeff.Bre...@qg.com>
Subject RE: Neat Tomcat Integration + proposal for CactusServletTestRunne r
Date Tue, 14 May 2002 03:41:05 GMT

> I can think of 2 solutions :
> 1/ Maven does not provide any help for the Ant scripts to start the
> different containers (i.e. it does not provide them at all). 
> Maven users
> have to provide them.
> 2/ Maven "knows" about Cactus and make it a first class 
> citizen (in the
> same way that JUnit is a first class citizen) and provide 
> full support.
> It is the easiest for users. The nice thing about the Cactus way of
> starting application servers is that it start them in its own 
> directory
> and does not modify any file outside of this tmp directory. This is of
> course my preferred solution :-)

I agree.  Maybe with the recent movement to maven plugins we can have a
cactus plugin.  The plugins are relatively new in Maven and I have to catch
up on them myself.

> Another idea is to reuse some cactus scripts and provide some maven
> targets maven:start-tomcat-4, etc to automatically start different
> servlet containers. This could also be useful outside of Cactus tests.
> Until we get that JSR for J2EE deployments ... in about 2 
> years (that's
> the time before all application servers implement it) :-)
> In conclusion I would be in favor of having a specific <cactus> or
> <cactustest> tag (instead of the "generic" <iutest> one which is not
> really generic and I don't think can be as the situation are too
> different).

I agree that Integration Unit Tests ( iutests ) is too broad a definition
for just cactus tests.  I'd like to include any unit test that has a
dependency on an external resource(s) ( or even slow unit tests ) to be in
the <iutest> set of tests, cactus included ( if this description sounds
familiar, it was you who originally helped me understand the Integration
Unit Test term on irc, thanks! ).  

It may not be possible, but the cactus definition of tests is how I usually
breakdown the testing of my projects now  (I'm not using maven for some
projects because it lacks this ability currently).  Unit tests ( logical ),
Integration Unit Tests ( external resources, slow running tests ), and
Customer Tests ( black box functional type tests.  Httpunit mostly. ).  I
have all unit tests run every time the jar is built ( this is currently
Maven's behavior also ).  iutests and customer tests are independent
targets.  So selfishly I want to have maven provide same partitioning.  


> > On an aside, it would be interesting if we could find a way 
> to use the
> ant
> > build scripts to test our projects directly from cactus 
> without having
> to
> > integrate them into our projects build scripts ( or maybe 
> this is now
> > possible? ).
> I think you lost me ... Can you explain slowly for me ? :-)

I mean effectively what you mention above.  The ant build scripts to start
the servlet containers and run the tests are already setup in the cactus
distribution.  I was thinking it would be sweet if we could reuse these in
some fashion from within the maven plugin.  Maybe read them right out of the
cactus jar or something if that's possible.
Hmm.  It is sort of sounding like a maven wrapper around the cactus ant
files.  I may be way off there, thinking out loud really.

Jeffrey D. Brekke                                   Quad/Graphics
Jeff.Brekke@qg.com                              http://www.qg.com

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