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From "Brette, Marc" <Marc.Bre...@mkms.xerox.com>
Subject RE: How to pass parameters to a Cactus Test Case
Date Thu, 23 May 2002 09:41:35 GMT
Well, it answer my question as it confirm there is no standard method to do
what I want :-)
I will keep in mind the 1st method however (I still have to figure out how
to pass the argument for it to be available in beginXXX).
The 2nd method implies that for each execution of my test, I would need a
different cactus.properties, which is not easily manageable.
Thanks !

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From: Vincent Massol [mailto:vmassol@octo.com]
Sent: 23 May 2002 11:26
To: 'Cactus Users List'
Subject: RE: How to pass parameters to a Cactus Test Case

Hi Marc,

Good question. Several solutions that comes to mind :

1/ In beginXXX() send the parameter using and WebRequest.addParameter()
and get it on the server side by calling request.getParameter() (in your
setUp() for example). Agreed this is not nice as it modified your test

2/ In Cactus 1.4dev every property defined in Cactus.properties is
exposed as a Java System property. Thus you can add your own properties
there and get them in your code using System.getProperty(). You'll have
to put it in both cactus.properties (client side and server side) though
(you can copy the same file to both locations).

Would that do for you ?


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Brette, Marc [mailto:Marc.Brette@mkms.xerox.com]
> Sent: 23 May 2002 10:02
> To: 'Cactus Users List'
> Subject: How to pass parameters to a Cactus Test Case
> Hi,
> I have a Cactus test that should be used against several
> To fix ideas, this test accesses a database and I would like to use
> same test when my database is SQLServer or Oracle.
> In my application, the database to use is defined by a configuration
> An easy to use method would be to give the file name as a command line
> argument of the test runner, and call the same test with different
> parameter
> in my Makefile/Ant but :
> - this should be given both to the test runner and of the web server
> - I already pass an argument (my server root path) as a System
> (using -DrootPath=...), and I expect other tests to need such
> argument.
> - It would be simpler to have such parameter defined in the
> rather than hard-coded in the test.
> Does anybody have a method to provide such "runtime" argument to a
test ?
> (note that this is already a JUnit problem, but with Cactus, as we
> several JVM, the problem is worse)
> Thanks,
> Marc
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