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From Chris Chang <chris.ch...@cendec.com>
Subject RE: Problem with Testing EJB with Cactus v 1.2
Date Thu, 09 May 2002 16:08:16 GMT

Pls c inline.


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From: Vishal Pandya [mailto:jposuser@yahoo.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 09, 2002 7:26 AM
To: cactus-user@jakarta.apache.org
Subject: Problem with Testing EJB with Cactus v 1.2


     I am developer who is planning to use Cactus for Testing EJB's on the
command prompt. Right now I have made 4 classes SIMPLEEJB(The file which
contains the EJB CODE, it is a stateful Session Bean), SIMPLEHOME (The home
interface), SIMPLE (The Remote Interface) and ClientForSimple(The TEST CASE
for SIMPLEEJB). But I am unable to run the test. I get Socket closed
exception. I have put all the files in the Classpath as specified in the
Documentation. If I am able to do the testing, then my entire Organisation
is going to use it for testing EJB. The Problem is that unlike Junit, the
documentation of Cactus is less than helpfull. So I have 3 queries:-

1) If anybody has used Cactus to test EJB, will you please mail me a Sample
of the EJB(along with Remote and Home Interface), and also if possible the
TEST Casese.

Pls refer to Jason's reply

2) Can somebody tell me how to configure the Server side? I am using TOMCAT
version 4.0

I'm using Orion 1.5.4, not sure for TOMCAT 8(.  Basically, I just follow the
documentation of Cactus and I find it good enough for me to start.

3) Also if somebody can point to any resources other than those mentioned at
the site of Cactus, which provide documentation or help or something helpful

If u check resource link within the Cactus web site, ->
(Chapter 8 talks about how to setup Cactus)

Any HELP in any form will be welcome. 

Please help me as I am little harried right now.

Thanks in Advance

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