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From Kaarle Kaila <kaarle.ka...@iki.fi>
Subject Re: New Tutorials in Cactus 1.4
Date Wed, 15 May 2002 14:27:55 GMT
At 23:38 14.5.2002 +0100, you wrote:
>Cactus 1.4 boasts a new ServletTestRunner to easily start your tests
>from a browser.
>I have uploaded the Cactus 1.4 documentation web site on
>You should find the following 2 new tutorials of interest :
>I'd like to get some feedback from Cactus users to know if there is
>interest for this and if you think the new Quick Start tutorial is good
>(second link above).

Hi Vincent,

Here is some feedback after my first experiment with the TestRunner.
I have a simple application that I use for giving Unit testing and/or tag-lib
speeches. I will update the files maybe today and there I have included this
about testing the Cactus testcases:

You find my application at http://sourceforge.net/projects/kacoma

I think the idea looks good. In my tests the testRunner fails (crashes) 
unless all tests pass
but I expect this to be corrected soon. ( I used cactus.jar of 14.5.2002)

here is the part about running Cactus tests:

Running the Cactus TestCases
You must have your appserver running for Cactus tests to function. It is 
possible to have Ant take care of this but that has not been implemented in 
KaCoMa. You have following options to execute Cactus tests in KaCoMa:
·       Ant xml - in your kacoma directory executes all tests including 
Cactus tests and returns the result in xml-format which is converted to 
html format into ·      kacoma/reports/html/Index.html
·       Ant swing - in your kacoma directory starts the java swing version 
of JUnit TestRunner. You must then type in the name of the test and press 
the Execute button.
·       Use JUnitEE by requesting the URL {appserver}/test.html where 
{appserver} is the url of your appserver (Perhaps 
·       http://localhost:7001/test.html for WLS 6.1 or 
·        http://localhost:8080/kacoma/test.html for Tomcat). You can 
execute several tests with JUnitEE by selecting them from the list.
·       Cactus (beta) 1.4 created after 14 may 2002 includes a TestRunner 
that functions in the same way as JUnitEE. The required cactus TestRunner 
servlet has been described in web.xml and a call for the test in included 
in the welcome page of your webapp. (Perhaps ·    http://localhost:7001/ 
for WLS 6.1 or · http://localhost:8080/kacoma for Tomcat). For this to 
function you must download the latest nightly build (1.4) of cactus.jar. 
You may need also other files than cactus.jar. As of writing this test this 
TestRunner is very new and seems to manage only tests that pass. Check for 
details at ·      http://jakarta.apache.org/cactus/1.4/howto_runner.html


>If there is a *huge* interest, we may decide to deliver a version 1.4 in
>the very near future (that's of course if you think this is big enough
>to warrant it).
>Vincent Massol
>OCTO Technology UK Ltd
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Kaarle Kaila
tel: +358 50 3725844

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