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From "Vincent Massol" <vmas...@octo.com>
Subject RE: Beginner in Cactus
Date Wed, 22 May 2002 08:23:07 GMT
Hi Vam,

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Vam Makam [mailto:vam.makam@openwave.com]
> Sent: 16 May 2002 02:32
> To: cactus-user@jakarta.apache.org
> Subject: Beginner in Cactus
> Hi,
> I'm trying to test some custom tag libraries and I came across your

good choice ! :-)

> I have been reading through the classpath setups and other things, but
> am
> initially confused.
> For starters, where do I begin my testXXXMethods?  

I think you should read the TestCase howto tutorial on the web site.

> In what directory under
> [Cactus Root]?

I don't understand. What do you call [Cactus Root] ?

> I have my custom tag library under [ Resin Root ] / webapps / App
> Do I have to tell Cactus where that is located, or simply just change
> in cactus.properties file where it says "Context"?

no context is the name of your servlet context, i.e. the name of your
webapp. In your case that is "App".

The Taglib unit tests do not test the usage of the taglibs from JSP
pages (although this is possible but that's another matter and is not
about unit testing taglibs) but rather unit tests the taglib itself, as
a java class.

I think this is the problem you're having : you're trying to use cactus
as a black box testing tool fro your taglib whereas it is meant to write
white box testing (i.e. unit test) of your Taglib, in the same way as
you may write JUnit unit tests for a java class.

> Also, for all the files needed to be added to the Classpath, where do
> put
> all the server required itemS?  

What "items" are you referring to ? Please check the Classpath howto
tutorial on the web site.

> Under my [ Resin Root ]/ lib?

You could probably although I'd recommend the canonical way to start
with, which is to put all jars in your WEB-INF/lib directory.

> These answers would be a great start.
> -Vam Makam

Hope it helps

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