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From Arkady_B...@vertexinc.com
Subject RE: Session object on the client side.
Date Mon, 01 Apr 2002 17:19:08 GMT

I meant the session wrapper on the client that allows to set content of the
real session on the server.  But I guess I can use the implicit object
in the setUp method (invoked on the server) to set session content specific
to the test instead. Is this the correct approach ?

                                    Thank you


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I don't understand. First Session objects are only available on the
server side as they are sever objects provided by the container. But
maybe you mean having a wrapper (like what already exists with
WebRequest) and then populating the real session object on the server
side ?

Fine, but I don't see the point. Session content is always in isolation
as each test case has its own session ... In other words, each test case
is independent of another (which is the point in unit testing).

Maybe I misunderstood something ? :-)


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> Subject: Session object on the client side.
> Hi,
> Would it make sense to have the ability to populate session object on
> client side. This would allow to test server side components that rely
> the
> session content in isolation ?
>                                                 Arkady
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