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From Kaarle Kaila <kaarle.ka...@iki.fi>
Subject Re: Question about the Cactus architectur
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2002 17:25:24 GMT

>If anyone on this list has a moment, and knows the answer, it would help 
>if you could:
>1. Point me somewhere where it is clear what testcase classes go on the 
>server side, which on the client side for say the example application.
>2. Point me to other sample applications, ready made with the same 


I have prepared some material for two different
sessions that I have planned to keep next week.

1) One is about Unit testing and
2) The other is about taglibraries

I intend to use the same material for both sessions.
The difference would be in how much time I spend on each subject.

I have a working "application" made for this with a few testcases.
Plain JUnit testcases and Cactus JspTestCases for testing the taglibs.

I am still working on this and hope to be able to post my first version
of this material that is now mainly a tutorial for Unit testing (including 
and Taglibs.

The tutorial (as it is today) is now available at:

Yesterdays sources and ant files are in CVS repository.
I have it running on WLS 6.1 and Tomcat 4.0

Let me know if anybody can see any use of this!

Kaarle Kaila

>3. Point me to/provide a separate attachment etc. of a WAR for the webapp 
>side and a JAR for the client side (no runtime included, just the 
>testcases and JUnit extensions) which demonstrates all that.

Kaarle Kaila
tel: +358 50 3725844

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